From the Union ... 
Quiet Hero: Nancy Helm, 58, Grass Valley
The group I volunteer for: Animal Save Thrift and Treasures
What I do for the group: I work as a cashier, stock the shelves, price, and work with Marshall, the pit bull we're trying to find a home for.
How I got involved: I brought some things in and Monique (the assistant manager) said to come back in and volunteer, so I did.
Why I think this group's work is important: Just for the animals. We do animal rescue, assist with spay and neuter and medical care, provide food for animals when people are desperate, and we're building a no-kill animal shelter.
The best thing that ever happened to me on this volunteer job was: It's the people here every day; it's a wonderful environment. I'm an ROP student in the animal and veterinary class, and I'm doing my internship here.
The rewards I get from this volunteer job are: I enjoy it, and I've learned retail. I feel like I'm doing something for the animals.
Other volunteer jobs I've done: I was a Red Cross dental assistant for the Ellsworth Air Force Base dental clinic in Rapid City, S.D.

I've lived in Nevada County: Born and raised here.
I think volunteerism is important because: If you're part of the community, you need to give to it in a way that is right for you.

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