Sherry Breeding Chandler
                                    With the wisdom of an 18 year old, I married two weeks after graduation. Unfortunately, it didn't last                                                                      
                                     and we divorced after 5 years.
                                      In 1972, I married Michael Chandler. We moved to Lake Tahoe in 1974 and Michael went to work for 
                                     the City Fire Department, where he retired as Chief in 2004. We have one son Sean who is married 
                                     and living in the Denver area and our grandson was born 2006. Our family includes our  Cocker 
                                    Spaniel, Sugar Bear and recently added my father-in-laws cat, Maggie.
Many of you have inquired about my Mom. Sadly, she died in 1967 at the early age of 46. I never really got to know her very well and not a day goes by that she isn't missed. My Dad died the following year which was another shock. For those of you fortunate enough to still have your parents... enjoy every minute!
And what have I been doing? I have done many things over the years. Sewing for myself and others, crafts, genealogy and publishing to name a few. Surprisingly I found out at 26 that I had been adopted, this led to searching for my birth family and the interest in genealogy. I had a rural paper route for 5 years... yep, non athletic me became very good at tossing that paper!!! In 1982, we started a car registry for Michael's 1965 Austin Mini Moke. Michael wrote the first letter seeking those that might be interested in a registry and I took over. I put out a newsletter for 27 years and just retired the Registry.
Working on the newsletter gave me a new interest... the graphics world. I started with the cut and paste method moving to the computer in 1990. When 2000 rolled around I became curious of this new thing called the web page. Self-taught, my first project was an intranet for the Fire Department. Michael wanted to put all the FD forms onto their server. I then did a site for a good friend that designs patterns. A few years ago when the owner decided she wanted to try so I turned it over to her.  One for the Registry followed, which led to our class site!
Millie asked if I would participate with planning the 35th Reunion. The idea came to me for some sort of contact for our classmates. Not everyone is able to get to the reunions or might not want to wait another five years to get in touch with an old friend. I am happy to say that because of the web site old friends have been reunited... you can't ask for any better results. Up next was to help out my good buddy Nyla Haddy for her Akita biz which I designed and managed for about 5 years.
So it appears I am a "Jill of all trades"! This along with the normal routine we stay-at-home folks seem to have, keeps me quite busy. I will admit that the web pages tend to take over ones life but I do enjoy putting them together, working with photos and just plain coming up with new ideas. They are my canvas.
I'd like to thank all of you that have written. It is so terrific after all these years to hear from those long ago friends and acquaintances. Also, thank you so much for the kind words of appreciation. It has been my pleasure doing this web site.  Sherry
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