Frank Capallupo (9th grade photo)

I ran across your wonderful web page regarding the high school reunion and I thought that I would say hello. I was sad to see that a number of folks had passed on.. God Bless them. So now you say who is writing to you and saying hello? Lets see I believe that it has been over 40 years since we last saw each other. I too am doing well (thank God) with health, family, business and my passion with body building.
Lets see, we left Grass Valley and moved to Chicago where I finished school joined the Marines and then got married. When I came out of the Marines I went to work for a company called Lawson Products and I have been with them for 32 years. I started from the bottom and through a series of relocations and promotions I am now their Vice President and General Manager of the West Coast operations.
I have been married for 33 years we have two children one is 32 years old and the other is 27. My passion (hobby) has been body building and in 1991 I won the Mr. America title in Atlantic City. I am almost 56 years young (next month) and still going strong in the gym. There is a web site if you go there you can type in Capallupo and my picture will come up.
Through my high school years I believe that GV was the most memorable. Yes please add me to the reunion list. Well give my best to your family and any class mates that you may run into in that lovely town of Grass Valley.   Warm regards, Frank
No kidding.......the work that you have done to create this wonderful web site is amazing self taught or not. I hope all is well in beautiful Tahoe?
I have seen so much growth in Reno over the last eight years. Still it is so much better than living in a big city. My cats (Lawson and Lulu) love looking out our windows and seeing the wild rabbits etc. Linda and I love our views of the mountains, pine trees and the city lights. I plan on retiring in three to four years and then I will have more time to truly enjoy our area and the wonderful outdoors.   Frankie

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