Senior Wills
The Goldpan sent by Bonnie Hobbs Phair

I, Clayton Abbott, will all my books and gym clothes to Lenet Smith
I, Tom Adams, will nothing to anyone, not even to a poor Sophomore.
I, Tom Adams, will to the underclassmen my locker that doesn't work and all of my books I never used.
I, Ada Allen, will my good old A & W work experience job to Mo Harris.
I, Pam Allred, will my locker to Rick Dailey.
I, Mike Anderson, will nothing to anyone because everything I have is torn to heck.
I, Bonnie Angove, will my large collection of censored Goldpan stories to next year's paper staff. Good luck. You'll need it.
I, Donna Bailey, will all my Civics notes to Paulette Fletcher.
I, Donna Baker, will my dad's car to my sister, Patty Baker, and all my books to Janis Stunkel!
I, Keith Baker, will the big rock behind auto shop down by the swimming hole to Fred Metz.
I, Doug Bangle, will my curly hair, light complexion, and a pair of brown baggy pants Mother makes me wear, to any guy -----
I, Susie Banks, will my clear nail polish to Mr. Baggett for his chorus girls' nylons.
I, Tina Beal, will my Biology, Zoology and Botany notes to anyone willing to pay the costs.
I, Larry Beardsley, will my pen to Ray James so he can write love letters.
I, Michael Belli, will my gas heater to the school for heat in the winter. Everything helps. Brr.
I, Dennis Bennallack, will to Oh-Ho (John-the-jolly-green-giant-Griffin) my 300 pound dietary pill so he can push it to and from school every day.

I, Larry Bertram, will my speed and agility to Ben Cox.
I, Tom Blakemore, will my Civics folder to Ron Waller. Also my locker, gym locker and gym clothes.
I, Jerry Blum, will my well-worn Botany book to George Sovey.
I, Tom Bonivert, will all my gym clothes, and class locker with papers and books to Mary Whitford.
I, Carol Boodleman, will Jim Huggins my ability to get addresses through selling bubble bath.
I, Hans Brawn, will my athlete's foot and sweat shirt to Ray Shine.
I, Helen Brewer, will to Joselyn Walters my well, which is dry and has been for six years.
I, Howard Browning, will my old spare tennis shoes to Gary Sharpe, who lost one of his favorite pair.
I, Linda Buckbee, will Dona Clark my old gym shoes and my highest grade in the 660 yard dash.
I, William Butler, will all the "Miscellaneous" items I leave behind to the man I think is the most deserving underclassman, Steve Sharp.
I, William Carpenter, will one tube of Ben-Gay to Margie Jones for her hurt side, in hopes that her Zoology test will improve.
I, Mary Casci, will Al Frisch the pleasure of inheriting my unattractive nose.
I, Steve Caulkins, will all my football equipment and J.G. to Mike Luzmoor.
I, Dean Cavanaugh, will my holey dirty gym sox for the betterment of the class of 67's alcohol stills in the id stimulating Chemistry class here at Gold Old Nevada Union.
I, Claudia Clark, will the Sophomore class the hope that someday they'll be what I am --- graduating.
I, Robert Conant, will my smelly, dumpy fruit fly collection to Pam Planchon, next year's genetic student.
I, Jessie Conley, will my "uh-huh's" and "un-hu's" to Janet Stone.
I, James Cooper, will my Geometry book to Barbara Kemp, (She needs it.)
I, Steve Cox, will all the old golf balls I stole from Coach Guinn to Harley Frink.
I, Rosanne Daugherty, will Cindy C. and Lynn D. a telephone of their own!
I, Mike Davidson, will my football helmet to Steve Sharsmitt in hop's that it will keep him from hurting his wittle nose.
I, Keith Davies, would have will mike Sturgel of the up and coming Senior class my wonderful personality and good looks if I had any.
I, Nancy Denio, will my neat locker and all my panel material to Joanne Marshall and Gale Colbert.
I, Joy Denniston, will all of my under minding abilities to Larry Craig!
I, Goldie DeWitt, will Sue Belding my bookkeeping set and hope she

will finish hers also.
I, Harry du Chene, will all of my old homework papers to Harold Pugh.
I, David Duran, will Norbert Dall my old gym socks.
I, Chester Stanley Durrance, will my good looks to Ron Haywood.
I, Pat Dyer, will to Paul Atkinson the original surfer's hair cut.

I, Bob Eason, will my half interest in "Miller-Eason Rat Packers at Large" to any Junior class boy.

I, Sandy Farber, do hereby will C.C. $7.50 so she can have another "Boyfriend for a Day" next year.
I, George Fertig, will the door to D wing to Richard Pena.
I, Eileen Fickle, do hereby will the North San Juan cliff to 5 future Senior girls who decide to cut school and celebrate somebody's dumb birthday.
I, Marilyn Filer, will not give anything because I need every single thing I can get.
I, Gary Fountain, will locker No. 123 to a needy and deserving kid, Marty Cordano.
I, Jim Fox, will my very excellent school attendance to all the Juniors.
I, Chic Frazier, will R.W. to "Winston".
I, Connie Frazier, will Kay Marsh the pleasure of running around our beautiful, modern track another year.
I, Linda Frisch, will all the problems and troubles of the annual to the poor fools of next year's staff.
I, Dana Fulgham, will Sandy Martin my wooden legs.

I, Pam Gauthier, will Cindy all the pitfalls of being an underclassmen. (Ha Ha!)
I, Diana Gelatt, will to my sister Cici, all the fun of riding to school with dad in the morning and bus 14 at night; to Jean Brooks the fun of having her sister in the same school; and to all the incoming senior girls the incoming sophomore boys.
I, Carol Gemmill, will my P.E. grades to Jean Elliott.
I, Carl George, will Gretchen Corpe my wonderful sense of humor and quickness of wit.
I, Diann Gilman, will my runnin' shoes, my fast horse, and my long rope to Tracy Fraser.
I, Earl Godfrey, will my small nose to Bill Clapp in case he ever needs another one.
I, Don Gordon, will Janet Pierce my parking space and my dirty locker.
I, Lynda Granholm, will all my left over possessions (sweat, etc.) and left over grades to Cathy Wilcox, a senior next year.
I, Ellen Granoski, will Joy Costa my 1818 Scooter, which is out, has fuel injection, and one flat tire.
I, Kent Grant, will my football captain's star to Ken McCoy for next year's team.
I, Suzanne Griff, will my worn out gym shoes and socks to the Jolly Red Giant (Donna Barker).
I, Millard Groves, will my class ring to Lillian Hedrick.

I, Virginia Hacker, will my ability tog et along with my teachers to all Juniors.
I, Nyla Haddy, do hereby will to Senior girls the smashed cake Nyla, Eilene, Micky, Susie and Janice left in the middle of the road the day we cut school to go to the river for a birthday party.
I, Jan Hall, will to Elizabeth Sweeney the fun of having P.E. for two more years.
I, Ray Hall, will my fantastic ability

to play center field to "loud mouth" Jim DeWitt.
I, Juanita Haltom, will Lorrie Hart all my hard-to-open car doors.
I, La Vee Hankins, will my old English papers and my old worn-out Inkpens and pencils, and my Civics teacher, Mr. O'Neill to Georgia Hankins.
I, John Hannan, will Jane Bryant, whole-heartedly and with deep feeling, all my sunglasses so she will never run out.
I, Joann Hanneforth, will Alice Litton my girl scoot uniform, complete with green tennis shoes.
I, Marshell Harrison, will my old worn-out track shoes to Ken Scurr so he can run a good 2 mile race.
I, Mike Hartung, will Karen Miller my old locker so she can have something to write on next year.
I, Delbert Harvey, will my old car parts I leave in shop to Tom Drake.
I, Ellen Haskett, will my chewed gum on top of locker 802 to Dee Humyada.
I, John Hawkins, will my twisted knee to Randy Humphries in hope that he will hit 300 in baseball.
I, Connie Heather, will all my ability in Library to Pam Kinsley.
I, Kathy Heyne, will my diet pills to Mr. Bramkamp.
I, Bob Hinzman, will to all the JUunior class teachers all books. I also leave the idea of getting out of school as a Senior.
I, Richard Hodge, will Mike DeMartini all my fully-used transmissions for his future use. To Mrs. Martin - future prosperity in English VI.
I, Marcena Holm, will my ability to be married and go to school to any Junior who is engaged now.
I, Patricia Howard, will my boyfriend's dirty gym clothes to Rusty Jones, because they are his and I am tired of washing them.
I, Doug Hume, will my mungy Botany plant to Susie Sanford, my dirty Chemistry towel to R. Fetz and my empty locker to Joann Brooks.
I, Leslie Hume, will my jar and egg carton for art to Mary Baker.
I, Brenda Hurn, will Mrs. Gordon to Sharon Barron.
I, Maxine Ivie, will my place in Mr. Bramkamp's room to Paulette Fletcher.
I, George Jacobson, will Mrs. Cardin my half of the great "Jacabury" masterpiece
I, Nancy James, will my height to any Junior who need it.
I, Alan Johnson, will my old show pass to someone.
I, Ron Johnson, will Darrell my old American Problems book. He will have plenty when he get it.
I, Carolyn Jones, will 15 of my pounds to Pam Planchon, who will look much better with them than I do.
I, Susan Jones, will to my cousin, Nan Carr, my shorthand ability and Mrs. Sims. To my brother, Chris - my US History notes and reports from last year - for a price!

I, Tom Jourden, will Mr. Fetz a can of silly soap so he can have his own and one to have if the Sophomores take his away.

I, Bill Locatelli, will al termites to Mr. Frost for his wood.
I, James Luckinbill, will this school to next year's Sophomore class, GOOD LUCK.

I, Marianne Kennedy, will my Ensemble folder to Susan Halls - provided that she promises to bring it to class every single day!
I, Savas Kerkenides, being of sound body and a Greek, hereby will the Trojan Horse to the Sophomore class so they can bring it into the confines of their class and thereby suffer the penalty.
I, Carolyn Klein, will Gary Wilson my two red rubber bands to hold up his socks so that  they will not droop when he goes to school in Europe.
I, Tim Knox, will Buzzy Conant the buzzard barf, etc. on the floor of the zoology room.
I, Cheryl Kopp, will my three year old gym clothes to Barbara Kopp in the hope that she will get three more years use out of them.
I, Carol Kuflik, will my great (??) shorthand speed, mail able letters, and Mrs. Sims to my cousin Nancy Van Meter.
I, Melody Lane, will to Mr. Robert Fetz peace and tranquility.
I, Linda Lang, will my superior skiing ability to the one who needs it most, Steve Nelson.
I, Janice Lee, will the remains of Micky Marks' Volkswagen to nay five Junior girls who decide to cut school next year for a river part so that they May wreck the other side of it.
I, Cokie Lewis, will my high top tennies to Janice Stunkel.
I, Glen Lewis, will to Wanda Lou Cindy Garner my Pinkish Purple cut-offs.
I, Dave Lott, will to Steve Adams all my books, which he can put to good use.
I, Mike Lowe, will my green gym shorts to Pam Scully, though subject to immediate exchange.
I, Val Luce, will Dee Eissenger what's left of my gym blouse for P.E. for the next 2 years.
I, Kim Lusk, will my ability to lose my driver's license for three months to Dave Brewer.

I, Al Madero, will Rusty Jones my Hells Angles membership card.
I, Vi Marchand, will all my points in P.E. to Donna Eckman.
I, Dave MacIvor, will the Golden Gate Bridge to Mike Sturgel.
I, Micky Marks, will my parking space to Doug Moore.
I, Dorothy Martini, will one case of "Squirt" to Gordon J. knowing he will put it to good use!
I, Diana McLaughlin, will free cokes for 4th and 5th period lunch next year.
I, Terry Jean Meekins, will my exquisite long hair to Roby Sheffel, provided he wear it as a pigtail and learn to play concerts. I leave all the papers in my locker to Jo Wier, who will go insane trying to sort them out. And to dear Pamela MacAfee I leave my shredded gym shoes, that she might tread lightly as the dawn and as swift as Hyperion's winged chariot.
I, Margaret Metz, will all the old tubes of  lipstick and empty gum wrappers in my gym locker to any lucky Sophomore who needs them!
I, Cecelia Miller, will Janet Pierce a little bit of my shyness.
I, Dan Miller, will Cici Gelatt a one-way ticket to Sherwood Forest.
I, Bill Mott, being of sound mind and body (I think) will one rattlesnake to Ray Shonk and donate one can of coke if he accepts the rattlesnake.
I, Jan Murray, will Mr. Fetz to unfortunate Jill Thomsen.
I, Barbara Nelson, will my Civics teacher, Mr. Stevens, to Rochelle Hill.
I, John Nelson, will al the teacher's dirty looks and my ability to get in trouble with Mr. Snapp to any deserving Junior.
I, Violet Nelson, will all of my Botany plants and my plot and my Civics grades to Dennis Ramey.
I, Melody Nobles, will the red patch on my gym blouse to Tootsie Palmieri in hopes she will use it across her mouth. Ha.
I, Joe Novak, will my Honda engine to Greg Threvettick to make his Studebaker go better.

I, Mike Parks, will the hydraulic nozzle in front of the school to Rusty Jones if he obtains it by year 2000.
I, Janice Paul, will my Senior leadership to Alice Litton - she will really need it the next two year.
I, George Pelletier, will one beat-out hall locker, one gym lock that never does work right and one torn up Civics notebook to the upcoming students.s.
I, Martha Penaluna, will my cousin Bill, my ability as an athlete.
I, Sue Penrose, will Peggy Brewer my books an locker and Mr. Stafford.
I, Sandra Perrin, will to Carol Leidy my tractor that I drive so that she can come to school in style, too.
I, Linda Peters, will one dead Dan Miller fish from the Senior Ball to Cici Gelatt.
I, Paula Peterson, will Robin Person my panels in American Problems, and Liz Sweeney my gum wrappers.
I, Carolyn Phillips, will Beverly Ottinger my right gym shoe with the funny face on the toes.
I, Linda Phillips, will Phyllis Denton my books, locker, and Mr. Meyers. (Hope you make it.).
I, Bill Pine, will to next year's Sophomores, P.E. and Coach Snapp.
I, Bonnye Pirkig, will Glenna Veater my retainer so she may have the beautiful teeth I never had. I will K.T. George my Trig books.
I, Percival Plainperson, feel that no underclassman is good enough to get anything from me (oh yeah!)
I, Riley Powers, will my toboggan to Chuck McCulley.
I, Pete Prichard, will my P.E. clothes and my parking place to Mike Horney, Cindi Grothe, Steve Adams, Bob Havan, Steve Woods, Herbie Tomas and Dave Faith! (To be shared equally). I hope these things will serve my friends as well as they served me.
I, Lynn Prowse, will my ability and (good) luck to my cousin, Larry Craig.
I, Ron Pugh, will to Val Videgain whatever he may find under the back seat of my car and my gym shoes.
I, Thomas K. Rackerby, will a motley collection of PSSC (Physicists Society to Stupefy Children) equipment consisting mostly of skateboards, bath tubs, and beavertail, plus the four PSSC bibles to the Carnegie Institute of Mental Retardiness, in hope that they will figure out a practical use for them.
I, Lynda Renfree, will my parking space next to Micky Marks to Steve Nelson.
I, Sue Renfrow, will my song leading sweat guards to next year's lucky girl, and a box of Kleenex to Buckie Brattin.
I, Gloria Richardson, will to Mo Harris my gym blouse for the one I ripped off her!
I, Bob Rickard, will my taking ability to Bob Leese.
I, Dennis Roberts, will to Mark Schmidt my one good ulcer, my collection of toenail clippings (autographed by Babe Ruth) and three (3) sweaty gym socks.
I, Harold Russell, will to Paula Franson my dirty P.E. shirt, shorts, socks and shoes. Also my old P.E. locker.

I, Betty Sage, will all my books and left over binder paper to Paulette Fletcher; also my chewed up pencils.
I, Gregg Schiffner, will all the splinters I have in my football pants to Tom Lott, even though he won't need them.
I, Pamela Schiffner, will Chuck Schiffner my only way of transportation (you'll find my wagon in the shed.)
I, Carl Schramm, will my mother's hair dryer to Steve Nelson.
I, Wes Schultze, will all the possible luck in the future because they will all need it to graduate.
I, Leslie Seebach, will to Alice Litton all the luck her brother didn't have with Halloween parties.
I, Tom Severn, will Cathy Cox my smelly old gym socks and an invitation to Governor Brown's $100-a-plate dinner.
I, Joneen Shere, will my coordination in P.E. and other areas to Robin Person.
I, John Smith, will my locker to Kenny and Cheryl Holbrook to keep in memory of me.
I, Sharon Smith, will Ray James my archery equipment (#31) to play cupid in his spare time to show him I hold no grudges.
I, Kathy Sollars, will my pink slips in Physical Education to Mrs. Miller to use next year.
I, Linda Sorenson, will Doug Moore my camouflaged army helmet and hand grenades.
I, Susy Springett, will my excellent marks in P.E. to anyone who is physically fit.
I, Robert Stegall, will my innocent mind, my bench at the village green and San Francisco to Doug Wirtz.
I, Lisa Stern, will all my flunk notices I got from Mrs. Miller to Leeann Bullinger.
I, Rick Stetter, will Jeannette Valley my $900 worth of Chemistry breakage slips and my gym socks.
I, Eileen Sweeney, will all my Civics work and notebook to Sharon Barron.
I, Linda Swensen, will my worn-out gym shoes and holey gym socks to Andrea Detner.

I, Joe Tate, will my beloved school books and homework to John Griffin.
I, Ron Tilton, will all my clothes to Kathy Beard of the Junior class

I, Roberta Tompkins, will to my sister, Edrie, my hall locker which never opens.
I, Judy Townsend, will to Bart Riebie my old gym clothes so he won't have to take any more cuts from Mr. Peavy.
I, Jan Toy, will the whole east end of C wing to Joyce Mabey and Jerry Foote.
I, Betty Treadway, will Melva Harris my pony tail to make hers look twice as long.
I, Don Tremewan, will Dave Brewer all the good driving when he is old enough to get his driver's license.
I, Judy Valdez, will my small feet to whoever wants them.
I, Paula Wagniere, will to Mike Crenshaw all of my crackerjack toys for the big day, June 2, and to Mary my wonderful years as a college widow.
I, Diane Wallbrecht, will my ability to run the 660 in P.E. to Linda Vonah. Good luck!!
I, Patti Weiss, will my wonderful language teachers to all students who love language as much as I.
I, Steve Wheeler, will all my good sense to John Poutler and the whole Sophomore class to Mr. Bramkamp and Mr. Lawrence.
I, Mary Williams, will my senior ball dress to Cici Gelatt so sh can have a matched set in school colors.
I, Gary Wilson, will my left gym shoe-lace to Dona Souder.
I, Millie Wilson, will my ability to put into verbal expression what is an idea in my brain to Robin Person, who has trouble doing so.
I, Chuck Woodbury, will ..................... no I won't.
I, Ernie Young, will Mr. Lawrence all the rubber that I left on the school grounds off my tires.

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Fun memories. Enjoy!