Class Prophecy
The Goldpan sent by Bonnie Hobbs Phair
Date: 1971
Place: Grass Valley
   Mr. Soule has just arrived back in Grass Valley from his six-year trip around the world. He pulls over to the curb to buy a newspaper from a not-too-bright looking newsboy who turns out to be Dennis Roberts. Dennis almost doesn't recognize Mr. Soule, who is sporting a new mustache. Mr. Soule recognizes Dennis immediately, and inquires as to where he might get a square meal in Grass Valley. Dennis assures him that the best food is served at the Broiler, owned and operated by none other than Dan Miller. Dennis informs Mr. Soule that Dan is a tremendous success in the restaurant business as he doesn't eat up any of the profits. . . . . he always has his foot in his mouth.
   Mr. Soule then motors to the restaurant where Dan greets him with open arms and informs hi that many of his old students of 1965 are in and around Grass Valley and Nevada City. Dan has four of Mr. Soule's old students employed at the restaurant. Steve Caulkins got his early restaurant experience at Alta Sierra Country Club and is now employed as head dishwasher. The waitresses are: Lynda Renfree, Linda Sorenson, Ada Allen, and Ida Allen. Mr. Soule then aks Dan if the face of the Chief of Police who just walked in isn't familiar and Dan says it is none other than Tom Blakemore. Tom comes over to talk to Mr. Soule and tells him that two other former NU students are on the police force. They are Floyd Edler and Douglas Hume. Tom also tell Mr.s Soule of the rapid growth of Grass Valley. Actually now Grass Valley has a population of 8,000 and has added many services for its citiziens. One of the new services afforded them is a new garbage disposal. Chief Garbage Disposalman is David Kopp. Other garbage truck drivers are Keith Davies and Carl Schramm.
   "Oh, and by the way," Tom adds, "guess who the new Mayor is?" "When I left it was Hodge," says Mr. Soule.
   "Well, now it's Bill Hazelton. Some others on the City Council are Janet Murray, Bob Faseler, and Janice Lee." This is almost too much for Mr. Soule to take so he orders a second cup of coffee and opens the newspaper to become better informed of happeings around Grass Valley and Nevada City.
   On the front page of the paper in bold type is "County Court Meets." County Judge Gale Henwood presides over the Nevada County Quarterly Court in the rendering of many important decisions for the benefit of many Nevada Countians. The Court appointed Janet Toy latest courthouse stenographer. Another office filled by the court is that of County Dog Catcher, Bill Childers. Also on the front page are the headlines, "Johnson Sends Hummelt to Viet Nam."
   "President Johnson informed the press today that his Chief Diplomat, Steve Hummelt, was being sent to Viet Nam to either negotiate a more peaceable settlement to U.S. - Viet Nam situation or inform Viet Nam that we will send hatchet-man Larry Bertram over to get the job done more quickly. To accompany Mr. Hummelt on the trip are Tom Southern, Leslie Seebach, and Linda Lang, several of Johnson's top aides," the paper states.
   Much to Mr. Soule's surprise, another article states that Larry Litton won the Mr. America Contest. Adervertised on the second page of the paper is a new business opened by Linda Peters. It is a new turtle riding school. Miss Peters learned the art of turtle riding in Sarasota, Florida, where she has resided for the last six years. She says she would love for all her old friends to come by and get in on the fun. Another ad on the same page read, "Drop by the A & W for a root beer." The "A" is now owned and operated by Bob Eason. His present time waitresses include Lexie Pease, Carole Towne, and Pam Stortz.
   Mr. Soule turns to the Society Page on which he finds many announcements concerning the many citizens of Grass Valley. A Lonely Hearts Club was organized for those in the Nevada County area. The first meeting of the Lonely Hearts Club met at Frank's Pizza House and the following officers were elected - President, Tim Knox - Vice-President, Al Madero  and Secretary-Treasurer, Bonnie Hobbs.
   Next Mr. Soule turns to the Sports Page where many events are taking place between athletes who once attended Nevada Union. Don Tremewan is now doing a high dive and working with Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus. His specialty is doing a 200-foot dive into a five-gallon bucket of water without spilling a drop. To accomplish this feat one must use his head! The heavyweight champion of the world, Mike Davidson, is scheduled to defend his title against Charles Fortner, the well-known challenger. This fight will be fought with a no-time limit, no disqualification. The referee is the much respected official Fred (Honest) Grill.
   Located on page ten is the announcement of Mr. George's hiring of four new teachers. Mr. George states that Mr. Fetz has accepted a position at the University of Arizona and he recommends that his position be filled by his favorite student John Hawkins, although Janet Murray has been given due consideration for the position. In the final analysis, John's pleasing personality won out over Janet's and she has to teach first grade. Ron Tilton is teaching first and second grade music, and Judy Townsend has a position in her favorite field, physical education.
   Mr. Soule glances at the bottom of the page and almost falls out of his chair. Steve Cox, Warden of the State Pen, makes the announcement that the Chief Guards are Tom Rackerby and Pete Gallino. At present Howard Browning is designing a new penitentiary to assure no possible means of escape. He is trying to think of something that could be used as escape-proof shingles for the roof.
   Just as Mr. Soule puts his paper down, in walks his old friend, Stephanie Lambert. She greets Mr. Soule and comes over the chat. Mr. Soule asks if she could fill him in on the locatin of some of his other students. She informs him that Millie Clark is in Hawaii looking for a husband. Jim Hutchins is stilly trying to get his AA degree at Sierra. At the present time, Tom McConnell is working at Smith's for Manager Steve Osterholt.
   Mike Lowe now has a job as a barker with the world's largest carnival. Earl Godfrey and Sue Allen are married and have a thriving funeral home business. They have a big neon sign in front saying, "Come In And See About Our Lay-a-way Plan."
   This is all too much for Mr. Soule to hear. Jumping into his car, and speeding away, he vows never to return again.
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