Nevada Union High School
Grass Valley, California

Friday, June 4, 1965
Vol. XII No.12
Editor - Bernard Tagholm
News Editor - Stephanie Lambert
Feature Editor - Sandy Farber
Sports Editor - Kent Grant
Production Mgr - Janet Toy
Advertising Mgr - Dennis Roberts
Advisor - Mrs. Mildred Sims
Business Mgr - Bonnie Angove
Staff - Juanita Haltom, Carolyn Jones, Tom Jourden, Thea McDaniel, Dan Miller
Typists - Chic Frazier, Carol Leidy, Dorothy Martini

Seniors Plan For Next Fall
Here is just a sample of what some of the NUHS seniors of 1965 are planning for next fall ...
University of California at Berkeley
	•	Terry Meekins, English
	•	Gregg Schniffer, Law
University of California at Davis
	•	Mary Williams, Decorating
	•	Tina Beal, Undecided
	•	Sandy Farber, Occupational Therapy
	•	Tom Rackerby, Math
	•	Tim Knox, Pre-Vet
	•	Martha Penaluna, Biological Science
University of California at Santa Cruz
	•	Joann Hanneforth, Math
San Francisco State
	•	Stephanie Lambert, Social Welfare
	•	Bonnie Hobbs, Dramatics
Bay City Dental College
	•	Bonnie Angove, Dental Assistant
Louise Sallinger's School of Fashion Design in San Francisco
	•	Dorothy Martini, Fashion Designer
Sacramento State
	•	Tom Jourden, History
Cal Poly
	•	Dennis Roberts, Technical Journalism
	•	Steve Cox, Architecture
	•	Pat Dyer, Argrilculture
Bethel College of Newton, Kansas
	•	Carolyn Jones, English
University of Washington
	•	Bernard Tagholm, Communications Journalism
University of Nevada
	•	Linda Lang, Nursing
	•	Cecelia Miller, Medical Librarian
Humboldt State
	•	Linda Sorenson, Business Administration
Armstrong College
	•	Paula Wagniere, General Business
	•	Linda Peters, Legal Secretary
San Joaquin Delta
	•	Kent Grant, Social Welfare
American River J.C.
	•	Susan Burns, Music and Drama
Weaver Airline School
	•	Mary Casci, Airline Ground School
	•	Judy Valdez, Airline Ground School
Santa Rosa J.C.
	•	Bonnye Perkig, Medical Technician
University of Oregon
	•	Carl George, Dentistry
College of Armericas of Mexico City
⦁ Paula Peterson, Merchandising

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Fun memories. Enjoy!